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(Compiled) Social Media Report

A compilation of the feedback I got from my social media page from which I shared productions. Week 4 Social Media Report (23/1/17) As a result of making professional social media accounts from which I shared my productions throughout various weeks.... Continue Reading →

Featured post

In this blog post are the 3 parts to my show reel page, the photograph, the portrait image and my texts (89 words). Show reel text kyle:Showreel document kyle

Progression (Unit 11)

Unit 11 complete: Kyle Unit 11  

Progress Tracker

Kyle Progress tracker Unit 13

Unit 13

Unit 13 Finished Final Portfolio: kyle unit 13 final Unit 13 drafts Recent: Kyle Unit 13 Draft 8 Previous drafts: Kyle Unit 13 Draft 1 Kyle Unit 13 Draft 2 Kyle Unit 13 Draft 3 Kyle Unit 13 Draft 4 Kyle... Continue Reading →

Unit 12 (Portfolio 2)

FINAL: Kyle February 8 draft 7             Unit 12 Presentation: Unit 12 Presentation Draft 1: Kyle January 7 Draft 1 Draft 2: Kyle January 12 Draft 2 Draft 3: Kyle January 22 Draft 3 Draft 4: Kyle January 26 Draft 4... Continue Reading →

Copy, Transform and Combine PowerPoint.

This is the PowerPoint Presentation where I discuss scenes of my choice that support my contexts and my idea of how I want to copy/transform/combine them to create a new scene of my own creation. RESEARCH PRES KYLE

Contextual and Audience portfolios

Here are the Portfolio Drafts (Draft 11 uploaded 13th December) Recent/Draft 11: Contextual audience KYLE 11 Draft 1: context and audience portfolio Draft 2: kyle context and audience portfolio Draft 3: kyle context and audience portfolio Draft 4: kyle-context-and-audience-portfolio1 Draft 5: kyle context and audience portfolio... Continue Reading →

Week 7: Portfolio MASTER /FINAL Copy

Master Copy: Year One Portfolio (20/5/17) E-book: I will be completing my evaluation for my Extended Project which will include the idea and prospect of my extended project, what I did during production and how it all came together supported with the... Continue Reading →

Week 6: 3.1 Extended Project

For the project and it's production to be a success I have to plan everything ahead of time and especially before production begins. Here I have produced several documents which help plan out the layout, timing, agendas and other factors... Continue Reading →

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