A compilation of the feedback I got from my social media page from which I shared productions.

Week 4 Social Media Report (23/1/17)

As a result of making professional social media accounts from which I shared my productions throughout various weeks. As a result here is the feedback people gave me about what they though about my creations.

Feedback from Kai Ross-Best

kai feedback.png
@KaiRoss-Best (Twitter, 2017)

I can tell from reading this that the things Kai enjoyed was my variety of sound effects that I used. He also stated that the ambient sound I used faded out and then back in. I didn’t notice this issue prior so I went and listened to it twice and both times paying attention to the ambient track I was able hear the issue Kai arose.

To try to solve this, I went into Avid Media Composer and opened up the edit.

Edit Timeline – Avid Media Composer (Avid, 2017)

This is my edit timeline. I followed the timeline across, focusing on the ambient sound and near the middle of the edit I found the problem. The problem was that when editing the ambient track I accidentally left a gap between the two tracks which with the ‘fade out’ effect active left a short moment of silence before the track started back up again.

I thought of a solution of to the problem. I removed the last strand of my ambient sound and re-trimmed it to match where the previous one had left of and then I put them together as shown on the picture above on the right.

@LydiaReeves (Twitter, 2017)

Lydia Reeves said that she found my ambient sound fitting with the project, Lydia said it’s there and that you can hear it but its at a volume level where it isn’t loud enough to distract her. Lydia also said that I could improve on my sound effects, I didn’t include enough so the overall production may have sounded a bit loose in parts. Lydia said that my troll’s dialogue wasn’t loud enough

I thought about what Lydia said and possible solutions for the issues she found. Firstly I dealt with the volume of the Troll’s voice as even I noticed it was a little to quiet compared to everything else that was happening.

3 Billy Goats Gruff – Avid Media Composer (Avid, 2017)

My solution to the Troll’s low volume; I decided to increase the volume of this individual part. I tested it each time, raising it little at a time after listening to it until I found a volume that fitted with the rest that wasn’t too loud or quiet.

FreeSFX (freesfx.co.uk, 2017)

For a solution to Lydia’s feedback when she said that I didn’t have enough sound effects I would use a website that I found useful called ‘FreeSFX’. FreeSFX is a website that I use often, they offer free sound effects that all royalties free so they are free to use for my production. If I did this again I would use FreeSFX to find more sound effects to build a more solid sounding piece. I would also record more of my own stuff in my own time which I would use in my production. Being able to leave campus would’ve helped a lot as my group would’ve been introduced to a wider range of possibilities.

Download free sound effects – FreeSFX (freesfx.co.uk, 2017)