Layout and Plan

  • Demonstrate the skills I have developed/gained since starting the course
  • A timeline that shows/demonstrates my skills and how they’re developed throughout the weeks.
  • Discuss key points which display my developed/gained skills

Week 1:

19th September 2016

Topic covered:

Primary/Secondary research

  • I learnt about how the research should be done.
  • How it is done effectively.
  • The difference between Primary and secondary research.

In this section go through the steps of researching that we were taught in class.

*show examples of this by look at research I did later on in time*

Talk about how I have developed my understanding of planning with referrals to post work.

Framing & Composition

  • We spoke about these angles: Establishing shot, Long shot, Medium Long Shot, Medium Shot, Medium Close Up, Close Up, Extreme Close Up, H.Angle, L.Angle & Dutch Angle.

Talk about what we learnt about these shots and include examples of me using them throughout my productions.


  • The study of signs in semiology

Talk about semiology and how I have developed my understanding of it by incorporating in my productions.

Week 2


  • We were introduced to the concept of lighting in film and done some research on it
  • We learnt about internal and external lighting. In addition to how they differ in colour.

Here, I will show my understanding of this by adding some of the pictures that we did for this task. How I used camera functions and show a developed understanding of White balance, colour temperature.

Week 3