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Term 2 Evidence Document

Evidence Document for Tri 2


Week 8/9 Reflection & Peer feedback

This week we had been tasked with doing our own individual productions. We were responsible for the narrative to the production process. I found this experience rewarding as I soon learnt what I was capable of doing by myself and... Continue Reading →

Week 8/9 Unit _: Project 2

This week we are starting another project titled 'The Scene'. It is a short film themed on Friendship. We have also began looking at other short films on YouTube and have done an analysis on each one. Analysis No. 1... Continue Reading →

Week 7 – Reflection & Peer Feedback

Reflective writing Week 7 has been about the Production Process and how it relates to Visuals. This week for me was similar to last week but I feel I have leant more in this week then I did the last.... Continue Reading →

Week 7 – Unit 6: Visual

This week is about the Visuals' side of the Production Process. We went through what we did last week but this time we were not focusing on the Audio but instead the Visual side of the Production Process. Pre-Production Pre-Production... Continue Reading →

Week 6 – Reflective Writing & Peer Feedback

Continuing our lecturing of Audio, this week was about 'The Production Process'. I learnt about the wild scale of the Production Process and its 3 major parts Pre-production, Production and Post Production. I found the approach towards the Production Progress... Continue Reading →

Week 6 – Unit 5: Audio

This week we is on Audio. We began researching on Pre-production and how it applies to Audio. We also looked at the wider field which is called the¬†Production Process. The Production-Process Referring to the 3 stages of Production, the Production-Process... Continue Reading →

(Compiled) Social Media Report

A compilation of the feedback I got from my social media page from which I shared productions. Week 4 Social Media Report (23/1/17) As a result of making professional social media accounts from¬†which I shared my productions throughout various weeks.... Continue Reading →

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Week 5 – Unit 5: Reflection & Feedback

This week was about editing again, We learnt about the sciences of sound learning about how they're produced and how we use them in media. We went through a presentation in class which provided us useful information and for me,... Continue Reading →

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