Kyle Alford

Week 5 2.2 Extended Project

My project is focused on a realistic matter, something that could really happen one day. I aim to create a film with informative dialogue about the story, the character and how it ended up the way it did. I am... Continue Reading →


Week 4 2.1 Extended Project

I Started of this week being introduce to literature reviews; how they are conducted, what they include and the different types of reviews. We started planning out our research and what we are going include in it for our extended... Continue Reading →

Extended Project: Proposal

Project proposal

Week 3 1.1 Extended Project

Requirements of the Industry Independent/Mainstream After researching about the differences between mainstream and indie films. I have concluded that my short film will be an indie film. This is because my narrative plot is experimental and not something that is... Continue Reading →

FMP: Progression Week

This week we have been finishing off our 'Who Am I?' mind maps and our 'What I've learnt so far' Infographics. We have also started to think about 3 possible ideas that we could do for our Final Major Project.... Continue Reading →

Week 1: What I have learnt (Timeline)

Layout and Plan Demonstrate the skills I have developed/gained since starting the course A timeline that shows/demonstrates my skills and how they're developed throughout the weeks. Discuss key points which display my developed/gained skills Week 1: 19th September 2016 Topic... Continue Reading →

Term 2 Evidence Document

Evidence Document for Tri 2

Week 8/9 Reflection & Peer feedback

This week we had been tasked with doing our own individual productions. We were responsible for the narrative to the production process. I found this experience rewarding as I soon learnt what I was capable of doing by myself and... Continue Reading →

Week 8/9 Unit _: Project 2

This week we are starting another project titled 'The Scene'. It is a short film themed on Friendship. We have also began looking at other short films on YouTube and have done an analysis on each one. Analysis No. 1... Continue Reading →

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